My soulmate in stranger’s clothing.

I sped across from you in life ‘s race,
Although serenity quickly took place.

We sat on a crooked table and wobbly chair,
Not that either of us would move, we wouldn’t dare.

Because our reality had been shifted,
And ever since we met we’ve been a little bit twisted.

We sat across from eachother fully clothed, and yet so bare,
We were neither here nor there.

Then, our eyes locked and our souls went dancing,
I don’t know about yours, but my heart was pounding!

For a brief moment we heard nothing,
But the sound of distant drumming,
It was our calling.

We were entranced and yet so very aware,
And for the very first time, we didn’t care.

We lived truly and faithfully in that moment, without doubt or argument,
Because we knew that this was not permanent.


Forgive you not, Forget me.

I remember only the sweetest of things,

The welcoming smiles,
The hellos,
The meaningful conversations,
The thoughtful words,
The kind gestures,
The goodnights,
The loving embraces,
The heartfelt apologies,
And the goodbyes.

I hope you can forget me.
As quickly as I have forgiven you.


The Mirror

Before I met her, I was cautioned,
That she was in bad shape.
That her soul was battered and her spirit was crushed.
That her eyes were broken and her voice was hushed.
When I met her, it was worse than they had described.
I was terrified.
The horror!
It was like looking in the mirror.



To be honest completely, I am not completely honest

I don’t leap to conclusions, I lunge. I’m not a summer breeze or a weekend brunch.
I’m a midnight jog on a workday, a doorbell ringing at dawn, I’m the late passenger to the empty seat next to you on the plane.

My mind wanders to the corners of forbidden places.
I imagine it all upside down and backwards, on a daily basis.
I cause embarrassment and further my own with a horrible apology.
Sometimes I think I’m better left to the stripes and spots possibly.
I am more normal when I’m farther away from normal as can be.
Just behind my eyes there’s a hammock swinging and a storm brewing.
I can’t see the waves but the salt is stinging.

You won’t be able to smell the burnt ashes, over all the camouflage and false lashes.


The Yin Yang Of War

You seek peace…but on a violent rampage you embark

It’s like searching for light in the pitch dark.

You claim that you are helping, and this is for their own good

It’s hard to see that with my eyes covered in blood…I wish I could

I wish I could see how, “this is for the greater good”

And why is our good better than theirs? Perhaps I misunderstood…

Your motives are| greatness, peace and harmony, right?

Yet your actions say| greed, pleasure, money and FIGHT!

You want peace and unity yet you slay shoot and bang

Is this what is called Yin Yang?

The casualties of blood and gore…are rising

In this “freedom fight” better known as war…

It’s not surprising…That the innocent pay quite the price

For you to get your happy ending, your ticket to paradise

How does anyone justify this?

Fighting others for the sake of personal gain?

Slaying your own for the sake to reign?

Just because they are different we must cause them pain?

Open your eyes and use your brain!

The end does not justify the means and not all is well that ends well!

You may forget the middle part, but we will always remember it…as hell!

They will use us to fight until we are bloodless!

Nothing justifies this injustice!


We Wouldn’t Save Ourselves

If we listened we’d hear the wind sing a soft tune
Why do we only dream in the presence of the moon?
And in its absents we turn our backs on the sun
We are convinced that we’ve already won and
That everything that could be done has already been done
Our faces are just beneath the surface of the water
Our feet miss all the rocks that would bring us higher
We see a bridge before our eyes, but never look past it
There’s a mountain within our reach, but we just won’t grasp it
We wouldn’t save ourselves…We wouldn’t save ourselves
We would rather go unnoticed like broken seashells
Content in our empty state, awaiting our fate
Ignoring the prickling of the sand and the force of the waves
Begging us to crawl out of our caves
We would follow waterfalls for guidance
And in our haze of doubt, we hibernate in clouds of reassurance
We would travel West knowing that East is better                                                                                        If it meant not changing, forever.